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I Observe the above mentioned information about the diamond due to Kubrick's occasional usage of diamond designs, and because later on Monthly bill might be noticed, when followed, before the Diamond Dwelling, while in the jewellery quarter of London.

Outside the house, the attendants wore no masks. But now we have been inside of plus the attendants are masked. Monthly bill enters over a red carpet by way of crimson drapes educated back with gold pulls. A person inside of a gold mask asks for the password and Bill claims, "Fidelio.

Additionally, it invokes, with Mary Magdalene's laughter, a sensibility alien to the Christian principle of her because the penitent prostitute.

We now hear the voice of a girl singing, the chanting acquiring ended. The black feather woman glances guiding her at the other Girls strolling the corridor with their companions, crossing in excess of a blue or black and white mosaic flooring just after leaving the pink carpet.

This individual within the crimson mask had been standing opposite the Bauta determine Formerly, at the end of the opening ritual.

A purple lunar mask to the appropriate, and also a Picasso styled mask which has a confront damaged into triangular and spherical aspects representing profile and side view. On the still left is a girl inside of a mask using a purple headdress. She had been one of several 1st to generally be found when Invoice arrived.

We see here how Monthly bill's shirt front must have looked inside the taxi experienced he been sporting a cloak at the time, and that he visit hadn't been.

I am returned into a crossfade on the film's starting through which we go from the road exterior Victor's to Bill and Alice strolling down the corridor in Victor's home.

Lion head knockers are obvious within the doors here. In the following shot we shall see that they are absent and the doorknob placement is shifted, but Kubrick has retained right here seeming proof with the wagon wheel arch, just as We're going to notice a wagon wheel arch when inside of.

One might or might not Have got a obscure sense of pareidolia, of observing masks briefly looming within the trees. The columns from the funeral house linger very long from the higher right display screen, mixing Along with the columns of the trees.

The sooner screenplay has Monthly bill Listening to Alice's aspiration and bitterly considering her as remaining a whore, as does Fridolin within the reserve develop into upset with his wife when he hears of her sexual fantasies and it has issue with them, thinking about her, also, as wanton, a whore.

The presence from the Mary Magdalene mask brings in the myth of the sacred prostitute who annointed the ft of Christ, her mask depicting her anguish above his crucifixion.

BLACK FEATHER WOMAN: I do not think you know the Hazard you are in now. You can not site fool them for for much longer. You've got to get away ahead of It truly is much too late.

The two pictures higher than are from Wikipedia. The website Ishtarsgate visit presents the down below drawing with the Etruscan wine jug displaying the Troy labyrinth along with images of war and sexual intercourse.

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